What Is 'Beardruff' and How Do You Get Rid of It?

Beardruff (aka Beard Dandruff or Beard Flakes), most of us get it. It’s when you scratch your face and all of a sudden notice you’ve covered yourself in tiny white flakes. It’s usually when your beard is feeling super itchy, maybe you’re growing it out for the first time in a while or it’s just feeling a bit dry. Either way, it’s never fun.


So how do you stop it? To understand how to stop Beardruff it’s important to know the cause of this unpleasant condition, both so you can get the short-term relief and most importantly, the long-term prevention.


To put it simply, Beardruff is just dry skin, similar to when you have dandruff from a dry scalp. The dryness is caused by a lack of natural oils in your skin, namely one called ‘Sebum Oil’ that your skin produces to keep itself moisturised. When your hair grows, it absorbs the sebum oil out of your skin kind of like a plant will suck water out of a pot soil, which will leave your skin dry and irritated, causing itchiness and of course Beardruff!


However because of this similarity to dandruff, a lot of men try to use anti-dandruff shampoo to solve their beard flakes, which is a BIG no-no. The skin on your face is often far more sensitive than the skin on your scalp and therefore the harsh chemicals in these shampoos often make the condition worse.


'So does that mean if I want to rock a beard, I have to put up with the hell of Beardruff?' Luckily, no.


When your skin is running low on its natural oils, the easiest fix is to top it up with a naturally derived Beard Oil. A good beard oil will often consist of two types of oils, carrier oils and essential oils. Usually the hard work to hydrate your skin is done by the carrier oils that work very similar to the natural oils in your skin, whilst essential oils are responsible for the freshness and scent of your beard.



'So it’s as simple as that, just throw some oils together and BAM my problems are solved?'


Well, almost... There are thousands of different beard oils out there, and all have the same core function of keeping your skin hydrated as that majestic beard of yours sucks up your sebum oil. However, like with any other product, some beard oils go a little bit further when it comes to giving your beard exactly what it needs.


Anyone can mix some oils together to hydrate their skin, but the true hard work goes into making a beard oil that can hydrate your skin, soften your facial hairs, and smell nice, all without turning your face into a greasy mess. This is achieved by using high grade base oils in the exact right quantities as to not over-do it.


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It’s our mission to change the game and make sure that you’re never left there with a greasy face after using some sub-par beard oil!

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